Very Cool Dou Zhan Shen ( Asura).


Product Name: 1/6 Debuting of The Holy Man
Product No: DZS-001

Product Checklist:

-Interchangeable Head Sculpts x 2 (Normal & Eye-Closed Expression);
-Heightened Figure Body x 1;
-Silk Cassock x 1;
-Silk Robe x 1;
-Pants x 1;
-Scarf x 1;
-Pair of Leg Bandage x 1;
-Pair of Socks x 1;
-Par of Sandals with Strap x 1;
-Waist Strap with Metal Beads x 1;
-Leather Loin Cloth x 1;
-Armed Guard x 2;
-Cane Roller x 2;
-Bamboo Hat x 1;
-Alloy Wand x 1;
-Flexible Metal Waist Clip x 1;
-Stone-Shaped Display Stand x 1