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"Dear Collectors and Friends,

today we are excited to announce our upcoming Events and Conventions for europe in 2019. GHeroes will be participating in different countrys to present our statues to the european collectors. Bookmark your calendar and drop by to check out the products we will be displaying. We must see if we can add other events in the year, but first we are here. You are welcome!


GHeroes Events and Conventions 2019

April - Spain : NORMA Comics Store Event (Apr 5th to 6th)
May - Switzerland : FANTASY BASEL 2019 (May 3rd to 5th)
June - Germany : CCXP Cologne 2019 (June 27th to 30th)
October - England : MCM London Comic Con 2019 (Oct 25th to 27th)**

**Note: The MCM London Comic Con 2019 depends on how the Brexit maybe change transport and customs duty.


For more information about our Events & Conventions please visit our homepage -- and the page "Events 2019".

Events 2019 - Content Page


Information for you at the page Events 2019

Events 2019 : Event & Convention
Events 2019 : Month & Date
Events 2019 : Country & Address
Events 2019 : Information & Social Media
Events 2019 : Google Map


We wish you all a lot of fun on our Events and Conventions in europe 2019. You are welcome!


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